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a guy and a girl. :)
a guy and a girl. :)

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Published by: Meriam Angelita Robles Alfaro on Mar 19, 2013
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Book 1


Property of Leng Anne de Chavez (shirlengtearjerky)
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Any similarities to existing persons (living or dead), places, icons or institutions are
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The Despicable Guy by Shirlengtearjerky

The Despicable Guy Book 1



Are you looking for your Prince Charming?

Nako reader, wag mo nang i-deny! Kaya mo nga to binabasa di ba?

So anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, Prince Charming.

If you answered YES, good for you!

If you answered NO... Uhhh. Goodluck! Nandyan lang sya sa tabi-tabi! :))

Joke lang! Eto naman e. :P

Eh sa tingin mo, natagpuan ko na yung akin?



Pero hindi yon love at first sight ha! Mas suitable pa ang hate at first sight samin. Ever since
Grade 1 ko na syang kaklase and WTH, he pisses me off ever since.

But Cupid is really playful. I fell for him. He fell for me.

Ganon ba talaga yun? Opposites attract? Well sa iba hindi applicable yon, pero samin, nako swak

na swak! :D

And poof, we lived happily ever after.

Pero what if.. what if happily ever after nga, pero sa maling Prince Charming naman? Teka, may

ganon ba? Ang gulo di ba?

Sus, sya na nga e. Sya na yung Prince Charming ko! I don't believe that could happen to us.
Everybody says we're meant for each other. A perfect couple.

We love each other so much and nothing could separate us. As in nothing.

*beep beep beep!*


The Despicable Guy by Shirlengtearjerky

The Despicable Guy Book 1


Oh wait! My Prince Charming just texted!

From Paul ?

Jey. Can we meet now? Sa Einstein Room pa rin.. ASAP

Nang mabasa ko yung text message ni Paul, parang may nafeel akong mali. Oh well, whatever.
It's our Highschool Graduation today! Tapos na ang buhay highschool ko :( Pero okay lang, at least I
graduated as the Class Valedictorian *grins*

Pagpasok ko ng Einstein Rm, I saw him staring at the blackboard, his back facing me. I
opened the lights, medyo malabo kasi mata ko. Dahan-dahan akong pumunta sa pwesto nya, and I
instantly enveloped my arms around his waist.

“What’s with the ASAP thingy babe? Kanina ka pa namin hinahanap nina Sath for photo

ops. Nandito ka lang pala!”

He faced me and his eyes bore into mine. Grabe, ba’t biglang nag-iba yung feeling ako
with that look? Before I could say something, he planted a kiss on my lips. Iba yung intensity ng kiss na
yun! Parang may halong lungkot na.. ewan. A sorry feeling?

“I love you” I said after our lips parted. I looked into his eyes, and I saw loneliness.

“Jersey, don’t. Let’s.. don’t. Dammit!” binitawan nya kamay ko.

“Let’s don’t what? I cant understand you!”

“Let’s stop this.”

Natigilan ako sa sinabi nya. Parang mali ata ako ng rinig. “Ano ulit?”

“Let’s stop being like this. Let’s break up.”

“Ano ulit?”

Nagalit na si Paul sa mga pinagsasabi ko. “Dammit Jersey! Quit that parroting will you? I

said BREAK NA TAYO! BREAK. Malinaw na?”

My mind went blank. Break na kami? Magbebreak na kami!? Tama ba yun? Natawa na

lang ako sa sinabi nya. “Loko ka talaga, Ilagan. Cmon let’s go. Jerro’s waiting for us sa gate.”

“Narinig mo naman yung sinabi ko diba?

“Alam ko namang joke yun e. Let’s go.”

“Ayoko na talaga Jersey. Please break na tayo.”

Nagpatuloy ako sa paglalakad papunta sa pinto. Eventually, tumigil rin ako, napahawak sa

doorknob ng mahigpit. “Bakit.. Why now? Please, don’t..”


The Despicable Guy by Shirlengtearjerky

The Despicable Guy Book 1


‘”Jersey.. Lalaki ako. Magcocollege na tayo. Ganun talaga..”

“WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!? Do you think I could accept your
reason? That’s so pathetic! Kasi lalaki ka kaya ayaw mo na? Ganun lang yun?! Putek!

“I have my needs Jersey! Please understand me for once.”

“So napagod ka? Ganon? Kasi lalaki ka?! What the fudge! We’re happy naman right?!

Anong nakakapagod dun?!”

“Natatakot kasi ako! Hindi ko kayang i-balance yung college life ko at ang relationship

natin. I’m afraid nab aka ma-fall ako sa iba.”

“We’re going to the same college Paul! You’re not the Paul Ivan Ilagan that I knew and


He managed to grin at me “Baka you never knew me at all.”

We stared at each other for a moment, as if we’re memorizing each other’s faces and

reminiscing our happy memories together. Is this the finality of us? One year din kami noh! ONE YEAR,
THEN THIS!? Dahil sa lalaki sya?!

My phone rang, and that brought us back to reality. Tinatawagan na pala ako ni Kuya


“So ganito na lang Paul? Pakyu ka, saktong Graduation.”

He ignored my remark and walked towards the door.

“Kaya nga Graduation e. Ayaw mo nun, grumaduate na rin ako sayo.”

And that’s how it ended. Our love story.

So there, my Prince Charming isn't the right one for me at all.


The Despicable Guy by Shirlengtearjerky

The Despicable Guy Book 1


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