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Break the Cassanovas Heart Operation

Break the Cassanovas Heart Operation


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Published by Nikka Hipolito

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Published by: Nikka Hipolito on Mar 26, 2012
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“Break the Cassanova’s
Heart” Operation

By alyloony

"Break the Casanova's Heart" Operation

10 things to do to break the Casanova's heart

1. Make him notice you.

2. Do a thing for him that the other girls hasn't done yet

3. Make him ask you on a date

4. Make sure that date will be the one he will remember the most

5. Make sure that he will take you seriously

6. Make sure that you'll be the only girl he's dating

7. Make him introduce you to his parents

8. Make him kiss you

9. Be his girlfriend

10. Break his heart

But there is one and only rule you must abide.

Do not fall for him

If you break this rule, the operation is considered failed and you need to face a severe punishment.

Signed by: Naomi Mikael Perez

I am Naomi Mikael Perez. My friends calls me Naomi, my relatives calls me Mika. He calls me Nami. And yes, tama

ang nababasa niyo sa taas, ako nga ang nag sign diyan. As in ako, ang babaeng walang inintindi sa buhay kundi ang

mag lakwatsa, kumain, mag-aral, magbasa ng libro, mag-alaga ng kanyang aso at mag pa-cute sa crush niya. Isang

araw nagising na lang ako na kailangan ko na palang paiyakin ang ultimate Casanova ng aming eskwelahan. The

guy who make a thousand girls cry.

Ang lalaking wala naman akong pakialam at wala namang pakialam sakin.

"In a Game called Love, the first one who falls is the LOSER"

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